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Asvagandha Pak

₹200.00 Ex Tax: ₹200.00 200 gm

Ashwagandha pak nourishes body, improves muscles tone and gives strength to body and nerves. &n..

Badam Pak

₹230.00 Ex Tax: ₹230.00 100 gm

Sanatan Badam Pak is an ayurvedic formulation which has many benefits and advantages like it develop..

Erand Pak

₹225.00 Ex Tax: ₹225.00 200 gm

Indicated in Rheumatism, arthritis colic, appendicitis, lumbago, constipation & inflammation of ..

Kaunch Pak

₹230.00 Ex Tax: ₹230.00 200 gm

Kaunch Pak is a well known Ayurvedic aphrodisiac in herbal jam form. Kaunch means seeds of Kapikacch..

Musli Pak

₹190.00 Ex Tax: ₹190.00 100 gm

Musli Pak is an ayurvedic nourishing formulation used for restoring physical strength and acts as a ..

Salam Pak

₹230.00 Ex Tax: ₹230.00 100 gm

Salam Pak is an herbal health tonic. The main ingredient of this formulation is  Salampanja.&nb..

Sukam Pak

₹225.00 Ex Tax: ₹225.00 100 gm

Vitamins & Supplements.General physical debility, mental lethargy, nutritious and potentiates se..

Sushakti Prash (Special)

₹625.00 Ex Tax: ₹625.00 500 gm

Sanatan Sushakti Pras (Special) : An improved formula of Chyawanprash with saffron and Shilajit. San..

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