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Brestin Oil

Brestin Oil

Brestin Oil

Brand :Sanatan Ayurvedashram
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Brestin Oil with some special ingredients that are extremely helpful in treating the sagging breasts. You can use this oil on a regular basis to massage and tone up the breasts muscles to get the perfect shape of the breasts. Brestin oil promotes the healthy breast tissue development with the collective function of the ingredients present.
The ingredients of it stimulate skin tissues in mammary glands and encourage it to start growing again. Different herbs present in the oil helps in stimulating estrogen production in the body. The combination of these ingredients usually causes our body to react the way it would during puberty or pregnancy, resulting in renewed glandular tissue growth and ultimately giving you noticeably firm breasts.

  • It keeps the breasts firm and enhances the size of the breasts.
  • Also, it helps in enhancing the breast tissues that gives visible results in less time.
  • Using this oil is completely safe, effective and natural.

Sveta Sariva (Rt) (BPN )     Hemidesmus indicus (Linn.)     150 mg
Asvagandha (Rt) (BPN )     Withania somnifera Dunal     150 mg
Bala (Sd) (BPN )     Sidarhombifolia     150 mg
Kooth (Rt) (BPN)     Sausurelappa     150 mg
Nagbala (Rt) (BPN )     Cida spinosa     150 mg
Tagar (Rt) (BPN )     Valeriana Wallichii     150 mg
Vacha (Rz) (BPN)     Acarus calamus Linn     150 mg
Kumkuma (Stl Stg) (BPN)     Crocus sativus Linn     25 mg
Base Tilli Oil (Oil)         Q.S.
Fregrence         Q.S.

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