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Asvagandha Pak

Asvagandha Pak

Asvagandha Pak

Brand :Sanatan Ayurvedashram
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Ashwagandha pak nourishes body, improves muscles tone and gives strength to body and nerves.

  •     It is nutritive, rejuvenating, aphrodisiac and tonic.
  •     It improves digestion, strength and muscle tone.
  •     It improves sperm count and cures sperm disorders.
  •     It pacifies aggravated Vata and Pitta Dosha.
  •     It especially works on nerves, kidney, and sperms.

Therapeutic Uses of Ashwagandha pak

  •     Sperm disorders (Shukra-Vikar)
  •     Nocturnal emission or night fall (Swapn dosh)
  •     Spermatorrhoea (Involuntary discharge of semen without orgasm)
  •     Premature ejaculation
  •     Oligospermia (Low sperm count)
  •     Nervous disorder
  •     Prameha (chronic urinary disorders;‘pra’ means excess and ‘meha’ means to pass urine so ‘prameha’ means disease in which excess urine is passed).
अष्वगंधा, दालचीनी, तेजपत्र, नागकेसर, ईलायची, जायफल, केसर, वंषलोचन, मोचरस, जटामांसी, चन्दन, खैरसार, जावित्री, पीपलामूल, लौंग, कांकोल, सिंघाड़ा, गोखरू, रससिन्दूर (ग्रन्थाधर विघि), अभ्रक भस्म (ग्रन्थाधर विघि), नागभस्म (ग्रन्थाधर विघि), वंगभस्म (ग्रन्थाधर विघि), लौहभस्म (ग्रन्थाधर विघि) आदि।

Take 10- 12 gm twice a day with honey and a glass of milk.

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